Announcing the OpenSourceWater monitoring system

Hi Folks,

Chris Kelley here. In July of 2012, I took a trip to Honduras to learn more about a type of gravity-driven, non-electric water treatment plant designed by members of the AguaClara program at Cornell University (headed by Dr. Monroe Weber-Shirk). Working with the Honduran development group Agua Para El Pueblo (APP), and several AguaClara engineers, I built a simple monitoring system that allows water treatment plant operators to transmit data about drinking water quality from their cellphones to the web.

Thanks to the tireless work of AguaClara, APP, and the treatment plant operators, this system is now being used in all seven AguaClara plants in Honduras, offering twice-daily snapshots of a sustainable low-tech water treatment program that’s serving over 30,000 people.

Check the system out for yourself at OpenSourceWater, or visit the AguaClara blog for a full description of the monitoring system!

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