New overview map for OpenSourceWater monitoring tool

One of the first tools that we put together at WASH for All is called OpenSourceWater. It lets water treatment plant operators send plant performance data to the web using SMS. It’s not fancy like Water For People’s FLOW, and that’s on purpose — being simple means it works, with no hiccups, with virtually any cell phone and any service plan, and takes just minutes to learn.

We’ve just put together anĀ overview map that lets you see all the most recent data that water technicians are sending to us via OpenSourceWater. You can also click the plant icons on the map to get more info about any plant. Currently six water treatment plants in Honduras, serving over 30,000 customers, are using our system, and we have plans to expand several-fold in the next six months. Check out the map and let us know what you think!

UPDATE (10/18/12): The overview map now supports mobile devices, and displays over 50 water treatment plants in Honduras for which we don’t yet have monitoring info. We’ll see what we can do in the next few months to encourage these systems to publish their treatment data on the web.

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