Recipients of EPA P3 Grant

Welcome back to our blog! New and exciting developments are underway, with more on the visible horizon. Our team was recently awarded the second phase of an EPA P3 Grant Award, contributing $90,000 dollars in project funding and giving us the financial resources to delve in a host of product improvements and new ideas supporting our research goals. The pace of development is picking up quickly as summer turns to fall.

One of our most immediate goals is to improve accuracy and lower power consumption of our current handheld turbidimeter. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read all about our open-source design in the April issue of Sensors. We are working to integrate GPS and a low-cost chlorine residual detection system into the product, and revamp our online platform for interactive data visualization.

Right now we’re also working on our low-cost, ‘smart’, inline turbidimeter. Unlike our portable, manually operated turbidimeter, the inline version is intended to sit unattended in one location and automatically sample and report water quality to a server. This will be — to our knowledge — the first thoroughly tested and publicly available inline turbidimeter that costs under $1500 — a huge step for low-cost water quality monitoring.

More info on our 2014 EPA P3 grant award for our submission ‘Smart’ Turbidimeters for Remote Monitoring of Water Quality can be found at <>.    Check out our team photo, abstract, and also other award recipients!

More to come soon –

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