Significant Upgrades to Handheld Turbidimeter!

In the past few weeks, we have made some significant technological upgrades to our handheld turbidimeter. This product will soon be debuting on our brand new online store.

Our circuit board has gone though two design iterations (using EAGLE) in effort to minimize size, and maximize organization and efficiency. Currently, the board is about 5cm x 5cm. (Image)

The handheld turbidimeter uses a surface-mount version of the ATMega328P processor (same model the Arduino Uno uses). We are also designing an inline turbidimeter — for automated monitoring — which has an upgraded ATMega644 microprocessor. The ATMega644 has 32 input/output pins, as opposed to the 23 input/output pins of the ‘328P. Also, the ATMega644 has more program space (64k), double the ram (4kb), double the persistent memory (2k,) faster operations, and higher clock speeds, all of which adds up to a much more powerful processor. More on that prototype inline turbidimeter later.

We’ve also been redesigning the turbidimeter case, using laser-cut acrylic sheets instead of 3D-printed ABS plastic. This upgrade has helped to streamline the assembly process and reduce the size of the product.

More to come!

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