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Billions of people make do with unsafe water and inadequate sanitation treatment; development projects that aim to fix this frequently cost too much, achieve too little, and leave little or no public record. WASH for All is tracking the path towards universal access to water and sanitation by mapping the world’s knowledge of where these needs are unmet, who is working to meet them, and how.


Our current efforts center on methods to monitor and plan drinking water infrastructure investments. Here are our current flagship efforts:

1. The OpenSourceWater system monitors drinking water quality for over 30,000 people in Honduras; an overview map summarizes current water quality in every plant we monitor.

2. The Open Turbidimeter project, which aims to build low-cost equipment to monitor turbidity levels — a crucial tool for properly disinfecting water and assessing water treatment effectiveness.

3. The WashOpt toolbox for water infrastructure planning, a simulation environment for planning investments in water infrastructure based on the expected performance of various treatment technologies.

We hope to provide an open and collaborative way for people to make more targeted and effective investments in water and sanitation, or simply to better understand the problem. WASH for All is growing daily — please share our site with others, and check out our blog for updates!