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Turbidimeter prototype challenge test data 3
Well we’re two days late, but the data on our new turbidimeter setup were worth the wait. WASH For All members Alex Krolick and Chris Kelley tested the current build (single-beam IR LED with TSL230R sensor) against a handheld MicroTPI turbidimeter freshly calibrated at the factory. The two driving questions […]

Testing our new low-cost turbidimeter

IMG_5906 1
The develop4wash team has been working on constructing a self-contained, sealed turbidimeter using off-the-shelf components. Progress Here’s what it looks like so far: Internally, the unit is powered by an Arduino Uno microprocesser/development board and two TSL2561 luminosity sensors from Adafruit. Bluetooth connectivity is provided by a Virtuabotix Bluetooth module. […]

Prototyping a Portable, Bluetooth-enabled Turbidimeter Unit

Building the Testbed We made a wooden block to keep the relative positions of the sample, sensor, and light source constant as we swap out samples: Originally we attempted to use a 3mW board-powered laser as the light source, but it was not powerful enough to generate any meaningful differences […]

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