OpenSource Turbidimeter

Design Goals

  1. Turbidimeter costs less than $100 (for a production model),
  2. Reads samples with an accuracy of 0.05 NTU in the sample range 0-5 NTU, and 0.2 NTU in the range of 5-20 NTU,
  3. Reads samples with an accuracy of 5% in the range 20-1000 NTU,
  4. Can be operated manually, or in automated mode for continuous sampling,
  5. Transmits data to an Android phone, via USB connection or Bluetooth,
  6. Is powered by 2-4 AAA batteries,
  7. Can collect samples, automatedly, every 15-minutes for one month without needing new batteries.

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Why Do It

Our hope is that by proliferating low-cost sampling technology like this turbidimeter, engineers, funders, and community technicians will be able to get a clearer picture of the areas they serve, enabling them to make better decisions and respond more quickly to problems as they arise.

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Open Turbidimeter Project on Launchpad (this is where all the project info & bug reports live, and the most recent code).


Chris Kelley
Alex Krolick
Clayton Grassick
John Feighery
Yoni Saltzman